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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)
21:38  Is it normal in china ? why isn't anybody helping her ? (
20:33  "China fire was government's fault" - victim (
14:28  Xi’s Shattered Illusion of Control: Recent Protests Revive a Long Tradition of Chinese Dissent (
15:10  "Chinese health officials ? breaking into this woman's room and forcibly taking her away to a quarantine camp. She was demanding to check their work permits and paper work...but these people had none." (
13:43  Italy home to 11 of 100-plus unofficial Chinese ‘police stations’ (
08:28  [5:50] "After one provincial secretary in Yunnan killed 40,000 people by diverting their labor from farming to building unnecessary dams, for example, he was promoted to minister of public security." (
12:23  李承鹏:我想,你们给这个国家留点碧莲,也是应该的 (
10:35  Lifting of restrictions and some questions (
01:44  Advice on most polite greeting, to our new Chinese daughter-in-law’s parents at their wedding. (
05:01  Do NOT allow the protest movement be turned back into a VACCINE debate (
07:12  Chinese student organization reacts to White Paper Revolution by calling for end to CCP and trial of Xi Jinping (
12-04  Is Romance of the Three Kingdoms related to any of the other classic Chinese novels? (
12-04  3 Chinese astronauts return to Earth after 6-month mission (
12-04  How China’s zero-Covid policy has pushed people, economy to the brink (
00:43  China would be much better today if ruled by the KMT, prove me wrong (
12-04  Exclusive: China operating over 100 police stations across the world with the help of some host nations, report claims (
12-04  What’s the survival rate in Chinese prisons? (
12-04  How Chinese netizens swamped China’s Internet controls (
12-04  China allegedly will restrict Chinese players from playing CSGO and Dota 2 on December 6th, likely due to Jiang Zemin's funeral. (
12-04  China’s Xi Jinping ‘unwilling’ to accept western Covid vaccines says US intelligence chief (
12-04  Geph - open source software to circumvent the "Great Firewall" (
12-04  Central power is starting to break down in china (
12-04  WSJ: Apple Makes Plans to Move Production Out of China (
12-04  ‘De-Japanify’: drink maker changes name as anti-Japan sentiment grows in China (
12-04  Beijing residents cheered the removal of COVID-19 testing booths while Shenzhen said it would no longer require commuters to present test results to travel, as an easing of China's virus curbs gathered pace (
12-04  Are poeple in China really commiting suicides because because of lockdowns? (
12-04  Youtube once again censoring coverage of chinses protest (
12-03  Translation help please! (
12-04  Beijing residents cheer the removal of COVID testing booths. Government is responding to protests. (
12-03  china's persecution of Muslims in East Turkestan continues (
12-03  Video: How Hong Kong film directors are navigating a new era of censorship – Hong Kong Free Press HKFP (
12-03  China’s chip shortage is so bad a woman was just caught smuggling semiconductors inside a fake baby bump (
12-03  Chinese language increasingly popular in Russia's Far East (
12-03  We don't need freedom || Chinese Protest Song (
12-03  Throwback to a CCP cover-up in 2017 : Kindergarten Abuse Case- Beijing’s RYB Education Branch Accused of Drugging and Molesting Children (
12-03  How Twitter's "Teacher Li" became the central hub of China protest information (
12-02  Xi Jinping in His Own Words: What China’s Leader Wants—and How to Stop Him From Getting It (
12-03  China's Xi acknowledges Covid frustration caused protests and hints at relaxing rules, EU official says (
12-03  The protest took place in Shanghai during the weekend was very politically significant. Xi Jinping was humiliated by Shanghai protesters. He will strike back and it may lead China down to an even darker path. (
12-03  “We’ve got the vaccines you need,” European leader tells Xi Jinping – The China Project (
12-03  Jeremy Lin fined $1,400 by CBA for showing shabby gym in isolation hotel on Instagram – The China Project (
12-03  After Falling Births, China’s Marriage Rate Sees New Low — Again (
12-02  Chinese envoy summoned over police stations in Canada (
12-03  Chengdu, Western China. A lady giving a speech in the street. "Why not let people speak the truth?" (
12-02  Remarks by President Charles Michel following the meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (
12-02  Wang Sir's News Talk | Zhao Lijian and his Sweatheart: The Paradoxical L... (
12-02  R/China vets. What happened to CCJ and Zak (won’t say his last name) ? (
12-02  do chinese authorities not feel guilty? (
12-02  🚨WATCH: Apple CEO Tim Cook ignores our questions on China as zero-COVID lockdown protests rage in the country. Full video 👇🏻 (
12-03  China's plans for giant new London embassy unexpectedly rejected by local officials on security grounds | CNN (
12-02  China brings in ‘emergency’ level censorship over zero-Covid protests (
12-02  Reupload due to copyright issues of my video reflecting back to a year ago when pro-CCP apologists and Western media lied about the Peng Shuai Scandal (
12-02  After Mass Protests, China Appears to Back Away From Harsh Covid Rules (
12-02  UC Berkeley Student set fire and destroyed Xinjiang Memorial Alter (
12-02  Heroine kangmeng li ,the A4 revolution organizer (
12-02  A road trip through the incredible landscapes in Northern Xinjiang, hitchhiking 600 km thanks to the kindness of the Uyghurs and Kazakhs. (
12-02  I work in the Covid prevention department in China; I have a few thoughts on the current situations. (
12-02  COVID isolation camp in Lanzhou China set on fire by the locals so that the gov't cannot send anyone there (
12-02  Why are no deaths being reported this time around? (
12-02  After Xi’s Coronation, a Roar of Discontent Against His Hard-Line Politics (
12-02  Is China moving away from hard infrastructure in Africa, and is that bad? (
12-01  Snowy scenery of ancient towns in Wuzhen, China (
12-02  Chinese students at Emory mourn lockdown victims & call for Xi's murderous regime to be ended (
12-01  China’s vice-premier signals shift in Covid stance as some lockdowns eased (
12-02  Here's how Xinjiang concentration camp works.--- by witness in Xinjiang (
12-01  The Guardian view on the future of China’s unrest: more complex than it seems (
12-01  Why China's 'zero COVID' policy is finally faltering (
12-01  Five lesser-known facts about Jiang Zemin that Chinese internet users are fondly remembering him for – The China Project (
12-02  "The protests are already over LUL" "They were small in scale, 100 people max" (
12-01  China's White Paper Revolution (lushi poem in the English language to show support for the people of China) (
12-01  Red Pass people allegedly being hired by companies to mix into crowds. (
12-01  German Embassy in Beijing posts white paper on Weibo in response to the White Paper Revolution (
12-01  [NSFW]Chinese empathy: coworkers standing idly by as murder taking place right under their noses (
12-01  To Disavow His Zero-COVID Policy and Risk 1.5M Deaths or Face Social Unrest: Xi Jinping Is Caught in His Trap. The fact that these protestations have broken out spontaneously, throughout the country, and in universities is very rare. (
11-30  Someone fixed the recent propaganda poster, it's literally just making the USN look badass now (
11-30  Protesters clash with Chinese police as lockdown continues in Guangzhou (
12-01  Dude being released from lockdown in Guangzhou. (
11-30  "Glory to Hong Kong", remixed into a Mandarin "Bless Me Courage for Freedom" in support of the White Paper Protest (
12-01  Is it okay in Chinese culture to invite wife's female friend/sister to your honeymoon? (
12-01  Huge crowds arriving by bus to an isolation camp in the city of Guangzhou… it is all for your health. (
12-01  U.S. grew 2.9% in third quarter, GDP shows and there's little sign of recession for now (The U.S. is likely to have a higher growth rate than China for the first time in 30? 40? years. How important is 'beating the U.S. GDP growth rate for the narrative the CCP tells its people?) (
12-01  Guangzhou, China on 22. November 2022. Shoppingstreet Houjiao, in the Haizhu district. (
12-01  Practice what you preach Caitlin, and go say that to the people who used the abbreviation "CCP" in Chinese state-run media such as the Global Times and People's Daily (
12-01  Huawei phones automatically deleting videos of protests (
12-01  Hostile foreign forces have not given up their desire to conquer our country (
11-30  Hong Kong residents show support for mainland China Covid protests (
11-30  Canada stands with people ‘expressing themselves’ amid China COVID-19 protests: Trudeau (
12-01  Huawei phones automatically deleting videos of protests (
11-30  China's Guangzhou city relaxes COVID rules in several districts (
11-30  Is it safe to send anti-CCP videos through WeChat? (
11-30  Guangzhou Haizhu District has been rioting since around November 14th when their first videos came out, they have been on lockdown for even longer (
11-30  Currently working on a projects about this image, can you tell me what your first thoughts are when you see this. (
11-30  In Liu Yang, Hunan, community president and 3 policemen broke in the apartment to assault 2 little girls' father because the man asked for softening COVID policy in the community (
11-30  Assembly outside #Shinjuku station, #Tokyo, #Japan. People asking #CCP and #XiJinping to step down and demand for freedom. Commemorate tragic #Urumqifire. #A4Revolution #日本 #東京 新宿JR站外集會,參與集會人士高呼 #中國共產黨 和 #習近平 下台!悼念 #烏魯木齊大火 悲劇 #白紙革命 (
11-30  I'm an international student in Beijing. Is it time to return home? (
11-30  Alibaba founder Jack Ma living in Tokyo since China’s tech crackdown (
11-30  People currently trying to leave from Guangzhou South Station …there are rumours circulating that Tianhe is going into a hard lockdown on 1st Dec. (
11-30  White paper outside the Chinese Consulate in New York (
11-30  university of pennsylvania students mourned for the victims of Urumqi fire and protested against zero covid policy (
11-30  Down with CCP! #A4Revolution #白紙革命 digital mixed media by Ricker Choi (
11-30  Girl's dream of World Cup shattered when her passport was destroyed by the boarder control (
11-29  Do you think Xi knows about the turmoil and what people are saying about him? (
11-30  CCP welding the doors shut. People are literally jumping out of buildings. How can we help? We stand with you ppl of China!! (
11-29  The white Paper Revolution- generated with AI. (
11-30  For all the foreign influencers, here is the Beijing protesters doing on street stand up comedy. (
11-30  China government recruited 10-yr old children as COVID testing officer (
11-29  Do you think Mainlanders will start to develop a sense of empathy towards the Hong Kong protestors? Or they see that as totally separate? (
11-29  0 iq contrarian in chat: "USA is just as bad as China duuuude." Meanwhile China: *hold my drones* (
11-29  The recent uprisings are a nationalist movement! (
11-30  Awkward Silence: China official temporarily speechless after question on protest (
11-29  There are rumors of a nationwide "COVID lockdown" AKA martial law on Dec 1st. Anyone confirm? (
11-29  Looks like China's mouth piece (CGTN) makes no mention of any protests, solid censorship... (
11-29  Police checking phones on Shanghai subway for protestors (
11-28  BBC says Chinese police assaulted and detained its reporter at Shanghai protest (
11-29  Construction of "quarantine" camps. Original video had upbeat music so I thought something more fitting is appropriate (
11-29  China’s Generation Z Isn’t Lying Flat Anymore (
11-29  "The foreign forces you are talking about – are they Marx and Engels?" (
11-29  New rules from Chinese Cyberspace Administration: Starting December 15th, you will be held legally accountable for liking "delinquent info and media" as that is part of expressing an opinion (
11-29  Account on tiktok posting about the riots suddenly gets banned... (
11-29  "Chairman for Life Xi Jinping has joined the protests" from r/real_China_irl (
11-29  China state media asks for 'patience, care, and love' while ignoring protests (
11-28  Xi Jinping’s Dilemma: Placate or Crack Down on China’s Covid Protests (
11-29  This is the most sensitive photo in China now (
11-28  The working day of the CCP police in Nanjing (
11-28  China anti-lockdown protesters call for Xi to step down (
11-28  #WhitePaperRevolution #白紙革命 digital painting by Ricker Choi (
11-28  (trigger warning)几个白卫兵当街虐狗,把狗抡起来当玩具,真的看不下去了 (
11-28  University students gathered in front of the Tsinghua University in Beijing today. It is university from which Xi Jinping graduated. The students could be heard chanting “Democracy, rule of law, and freedom of expression!" (
11-28  As predicted wumao groups have started blaming western forces and the BBC for the protest in China (
11-28  Anti-protest Weibo celebrity calls for fight-back with mass report (
11-27  Police arriving at Hanzhen Street in Wuhan too dissipate protestors! (
11-28  Chinese TV exchange footage of unmasked audience with players and coaches during World Cup broadcasts (
11-28  Why I don't expect much from the results of this round of protests (
11-28  接上條 武漢 漢正街 現場應該有上萬人 10,000+ protestors at Hanzheng Street, Wuhan (
11-28  Shanghai: people chant the slogans posted by the long protester at Beijing's Sitong Bridge before 20th CCP Congress last month, "No to lies, yes to respect! no life term presidency! no dictator, yes to votes! no to slavery, yes to citizenship" "Down with Xi's rule! Xi Jin Ping, step down" 罢免! (
11-28  How the tides have turned... China Shills like Gweilo60, JaYoe Nation, Barrett now radio silent on China (
11-28  BBC reporter Edward Lawrence is brutally arrested in Shanghai protests (
11-27  Shanghai police brutality against peaceful protester. (
11-28  Will this be the beginning of something big ? (
11-27  Too many people hanging out there. Let's just take off the sign. (
11-27  I’m behind the Chinese protesters all the way! (
11-27  Organized meet up in Chengdu 27/11, chanting 不自由,毋宁死 (Give me liberty or give me death) (
11-27  Shanghai cops jump protester in mid-speech to drag him away (
11-27  Shanghai citizens surround police stations to call for release of protestors (
11-27  A youth holding flowers and another youth arrested on Shanghai Urumqi road (
11-27  Protestors being arrested in Shanghai, China (
11-27  Tsinghua University students call for Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Rule of Law (
11-27  China’s zero covid policy starting to push society over the limit (
11-27  Skateboarders doing kick flips in front of the popo at the Shanghai protests haha 🛹 (
11-27  In Shanghai, cops drove people away and arrested some protesters. One person live streamed the whole incident on Instagram (
11-27  How protesting videos been leaked out of China ? (
11-27  People in Lanzhou China turn over a Covid testing spot in defiance to lockdown (
11-27  In China, Youth Frustrations With Xi Jinping’s CCP Policies Are at an All-time High. Deprived of all freedom, those who can do so are now considering a move abroad. (
11-27  Shanghai protestors calling for the end of Xi Jinping's rule. (
11-27  Shanghai protestors call for end to CCP rule (
11-27  Urumqi protestors getting arrested for disrupting social (unit) order crime (
11-27  Communication University of China, Nanjing holds an unsanctioned gathering to mourn victims of the Urumqi Fire despite opposition from school officials (
11-26  Opinion | China’s Zero-Covid Reckoning (
11-26  Nov 2022, aftermath of the major fire that caused at least 10 people dead in Xinjiang China (
11-26  Beijing-linked group to promote candidates in Canadian elections (
11-26  Got to make sure the air doesn’t have COVID… at least he looks like he is doing 6 swipes per test! (
11-26  Apple has a huge problem with its supplier's iPhone factory in China | CNN Business (
11-26  Wow, COVID magically disappeared after a huge fire. Original link to tweet below. (
11-26  Official's claim that Chinese civilisation predates ancient Egypt sparks probe (
11-25  China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to produce 1 million pigs a year (
11-26  The myth that no one rebelled against the government during the great leap forward (
11-26  ‘No one is dying from COVID anymore, but we might die because of the zero-COVID policy.’ Protests expand in mainland China over lockdowns. (
11-26  Protests in certain neighborhoods of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Anhui province, over Covid Lockdown, November 25 2022 (
11-25  ‘No way we can open’: China’s zero-Covid exit plans unravel (
11-26  Urumqi protestors surround and question Urumqi city officials over Covid Lockdown (
11-26  Is it just my wechat moments that are blowing up with people talking against the government and praising the people standing up to lockdown rules en masse? Am I dreaming? People keep posting articles and getting censored but they keep reposting. I never thought I’d see this shit lol. (
11-26  Apartment building doors locked, people shouting heartily for someone to open the door -Urumqi, Xinjiang, China residential building fire kills 10 people单元门被锁,撕心裂肺地喊开门-乌鲁木齐住宅楼火灾致10人死亡 (
11-26  Protestors take over Urumqi City Hall to call for end to harsh 4-months long Covid Lockdown (
11-26  Protests erupting in Urumqi, Xinjiang…people shouting ‘let us out’ and ‘serve the people’ outside the city hall. (
11-25  November 24-25 2022 Beijing Time, Protests erupt in different areas of Urumqi Xinjiang China calling to end harsh Covid Lockdown (
11-25  “Dare to break in? I go to prison, YOU go into coffin!” Desperate chinese trying to stop Covid police from breaking in their home. (
11-25  A new quarantine camp is being built in China's Guangzhou city and designed to detain 87,000 people (
11-25  Possible method used by Chinese overseas police against possible dissidents they want to send to China (
11-25  Another round of posts deleted from Weibo and WeChat last night. (
11-25  Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu was sentenced to 13 years in prison for raping (
11-25  Egg fried rice 52 year anniversary (
11-25  The Chinese entrepreneurs chasing an Afghan ‘gold rush’ | 101 East Documentary (
11-25  Protests and rioting continue in Haizhu district, Guangzhou China over harsh Covid Lockdown measures (
11-25  World Cup: Chinese fans rally as Weibo influencer cries after Japan’s stun – ‘why can’t we win?’ (
11-25  Police arrest Chongqing man protesting against harsh Covid Lockdown measures and high food supply prices, he is saved by locals (
11-24  Julu 2011,a boy swims in the algae-filled coastline of Qingdao, Shandong Province (
11-24  Weibo in-house donation app revealed to have scammed donors, donations were wiped off the list of donations for Shanxi flood relief donations (
11-24  For China’s Mothers, Preterm Births Bring Shame and Trauma (
11-24  UK: China Accused of a Wide Range of Abuses in the House of Lords (
11-25  Chinese police beating up protesting Foxconn workers if they are alone (
11-24  By the window is the Jialing River. (
11-24  Foxconn offers US$1,400 to new hires to quit and leave Zhengzhou iPhone factory (
11-24  How does the interior of a bus that transport people to quarantine facility look like (
11-24  4 Million Tons of LNG Each Year Over 27 Years — Qatar and China Sign Historic Gas Agreement. China is thus securing its gas supplies over the long term. (
11-24  How Washington chased Huawei out of Europe (
11-24  Major funds exposed to companies allegedly engaged in Uyghur repression in China | Uyghurs (
11-24  Huge Foxconn iPhone plant in China rocked by fresh worker unrest (
11-24  Chinese police flee tonight from workers at Zhengzhou iPhone factory (
11-24  A nucleic acid test station worker casually smoking a cigarette, mask down, blowing smoke down people’s throats and sneezing😅🤣 (
11-24  Yo, China's white monkey shill propaganda is getting out of control (
11-24  China Is Investing Billions in Pakistan. Its Workers There Are under Attack. (